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  • Excavator Swing Bearings Manufacturer

  • Excavator Swing Bearings Manufacturer

Xuzhou National Construction Machinery

Welcome to Xuzhou National Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. We offer over 1000 types of excavator swing bearings for you. We are a leading manufacturer and supplier of top-quality engineering machinery components, specializing in excavator slewing ring bearings, ,slewing reducers, ,slewing gears, slewing vertical shafts, and more.
Based in Xuzhou City, China, our company is located in the heart of the engineering machinery industry.Get in touch now for the latest quote.
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As the  professional excavator swing bearing , slewing ring manufacturer in
China.We can offer over 1000 types of slewing ring bearings for you to choose.



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If the excavator swing bearing is defective, the machine cannot be used. A simple warning signal for the failure of a swing bearing (usually referred to as a rotating ring). One of the most important components of an excavator is the swing bearing(excavator swing bearings). The obvious sign of excavator swing bearing failure is the condition of the lubricant. If you […]
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Maintenance of excavator swing bearings There are widespread misconceptions regarding the maintenance of swing bearings. Many people think that the lubrication intervals for swing bearings are the same as for large and small arms and that they need to be greased every day. In fact, this has a negative effect. If the lubrication cycle is too […]
1、 The butter filling cycle of the excavator turntable The butter filling cycle of the excavator turntable depends on various factors, such as the duration of regular work, the impact of the working environment, and the use of the excavator. Generally speaking, the filling cycle for turntable butter is between 300 and 500 working hours. […]
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