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Applicable Brands

Excavator Slewing Rings VOLVO EC210B EC240B EC290B EC360B EC460B EC700B EC480B EC700

VOLVO Model Product Parameters

ModelPart NumberOuter DiameterInside DiameterTotal heightOuter HeightInner HeightOuter Hole ParametersInner Hole ParametersNumber of Teeth
EC210 2005EC210V1394813271080110909034-Ф21.536-M2092

Introduction to VOLVO Excavator Slewing Rings

Volvo is a well-known name in the construction equipment industry, offering high-quality and reliable machines for various applications. Among its extensive product range, Volvo excavators are a popular choice among contractors and construction companies for their performance and durability. Volvo excavator slewing bearing products are an essential component of these machines, ensuring their smooth and efficient operation.

Slewing rings for excavators, also known as swing bearings, turntable bearings, or swing ring bearings, are responsible for connecting the upper and lower parts of an excavator. They allow the excavator's upper structure to rotate on its lower structure, providing 360-degree movement and flexibility. This movement is crucial for excavators, allowing them to operate in tight spaces, reach difficult angles, and perform a wide range of tasks.

Volvo excavator slewing rings are designed to withstand heavy loads and extreme conditions, making them suitable for various applications. They are made from high-quality materials and go through a rigorous testing process to ensure their strength and durability. Volvo excavator slewing ring bearings also feature a compact design, reducing the overall weight of the machine and improving fuel efficiency.

Swing ring bearings are crucial components of excavators, and their failure can cause significant downtime and expensive repairs. By using Volvo excavator parts swing bearings, contractors can ensure their excavators are running smoothly, reducing the risk of downtime and minimizing maintenance costs. Volvo excavator slew bearings are designed to last, providing long-term performance and reliability.

Volvo offers a wide range of excavator slewing rings, suitable for various models and applications. The Volvo EC55, EC60, EC140BP, EW145BP, EW160BB, EC210, EC240, EC290, EC360LC, EC380, EC460, EC480, EC700, EC210B, EC360 are just some of the models that use Volvo excavator slewing rings.

In conclusion, Volvo excavator slewing rings products are an essential component of Volvo excavators, providing the flexibility and maneuverability required for various construction tasks. They are designed to withstand heavy loads and extreme conditions, ensuring the long-term performance and reliability of the machine. By using Volvo excavator slewing rings, contractors can minimize downtime, reduce maintenance costs, and increase productivity.

We can provide alternative slewing rings for your CAT,HITACHI, KOMATSU,KOBELCO, HYUNDAI, VOLVO, DOOSAN, DAEWOO, JCB,CASE, SUMITOMO, XCMG. There are normal and non standard over 1000 hundreds types for you to choose from.

More models of excavator slewing rings for reference

EC150 EC160B EC160B LC EC160B NLC EC160C L EC17C EC180 EC180B LC EC180C L EC180D EC200D EC20B XT EC20B XTV EC20C EC210 EC210B EC210B LC EC210C L EC220D EC220D N EC220D NL EC235C LD/NL EC240 EC240 LC EC240 LR EC240 NLC EC240B EC240B LC EC240B LR EC240B NLC EC240C L EC240C LD EC240C LR EC240C NL EC25 EC280 EC290 EC290 LC EC290B EC290C L EC30 EC330B LC EC330C L EC330C LD EC360 EC360B LC EC360B NLC EC360C HR EC360C L EC360C LD EC360C NL EC380D HR EC460 EC460 LC EC460B LC EC460C L EC480D HR EC480D L EC50 EC50 VV EC55 EC55-2 EC55B EC55C EC55-EU ECR235C PLUS FC2121C FC2421C FC2924C FF3329C PL4608 PL4611 ECR145D L EC140D L EC240LC EC240BLC EC240CL EC240CLD EC240CLR FC3329C EC210C N

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