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KOMATSU PC1250 PC200-7 PC300-7 PC130-7 PC400-7 PC600-7 PC800-7 Excavator Slewing Ring

KOMATSU Excavator Slewing Ring Model Product Parameters

ModelPart NumberOuter Diameter Inside DiameterTotal HeightOuter HeightInner HeightOuter Hole ParametersInner Hole ParametersNumber of TeethName
PC75UU-2201-25-6110080659474596124-φ1824-φ1876 Swing Bearing
PC110R206-25-11100110688475656434-φ1836-M1690Swing Bearing
PC130-7SAA4D95L110688475656434-Ф1838-M16110Swing Bearing
PC160-6K21P-25-K1100118892383736726-Φ2230-Ф2294Swing Bearing
PC200205-25-0001512429161009090223678Slewing Ring
PC200-520Y-25-1110313031083.5109869026-M2436-M20110 Slewing Ring
PC200-620Y-25-2020013221083100779032-Ф2436-M20110Slewing Ring
PC200-6S6D102-113231083100779032-Ф2632-M2092 Slewing Ring
PC220-7120Y-25-2130013221082100769032-φ2436-M20110 Slewing Ring
PC220205-25-000221302108310482902636110Excavator Slewing Ring
PC220-620Y-25-2120013231083100779032-Ф2636-M20110Excavator Slewing Ring
PC220-7206-25-00301132310741127810232-Ф2436-M2292Excavator Slewing Ring
PC220LC-8206-25-00301132310721127710232-Ф2436-M2292Excavator Slewing Ring
PC22822U-25-0021013221082100769032-Ф2636-M20110Excavator Slewing Ring
PC400LC-5208-25-521011563123815210814035-Ф2940-M2484 Slewing Ring
PC400LC-6208-25-611001563123815210814035-Ф2940-M2484 Slewing Ring
PC450-7208-25-611001563124015210814035-φ2940-M2484Slewing Ring
Introduction to KOMATSU Excavator Slewing Ring

Excavator Slewing Ring: Why Choosing the Right One Matters
When it comes to excavator machinery, the importance of choosing the right parts cannot be overstated. Excavators rely on their slewing rings to rotate the machine's cab and boom, making them a crucial component in the smooth operation of the machine.
Komatsu excavator slewing rings are known for their quality and durability, making them a popular choice among excavator owners and operators. With a wide range of compatible models, including PC30, PC45, PC50, PC55, PC56, PC60-5-6-7, PC60-8, PC70-8, PC78, PC100-3, PC120-6, PC130-7, PC150, PC160, PC200-7/8, PC220, PC228, PC270, PC240, PC300-6/7, PC360, PC400-6/7/8, PC450-6, PC600-6, PC650-3, PC650, PC800, PC1000, PC1200, and PC1250, there is a Komatsu excavator slewing bearing for every need.

The slewing ring, also known as the swing ring bearing or turntable bearing, is responsible for allowing the excavator to rotate 360 degrees on its base. This allows the operator to reach difficult angles and positions, making it a critical part of the machine.

The Komatsu excavator parts swing bearing is made with high-quality materials, including hardened steel, to ensure its longevity and durability. It is designed to withstand the rigors of heavy use, including harsh environments and heavy loads. With proper maintenance, Komatsu excavator slewing rings can last for years, making them a wise investment for any excavator owner.

In addition to the swing ring, the Komatsu excavator slew bearing and excavator slewing gear are also crucial components in the excavator's operation. These parts work together to ensure smooth rotation and movement, allowing for efficient and effective use of the machine.

If you're in need of a swing bearing for your excavator, choosing a Komatsu excavator slewing bearing is a smart choice. With their quality and durability, you can be confident that your machine will operate smoothly and efficiently, even in the toughest conditions.

Models like PC200-5, PC210-5K, PC220-5, PC200-6(S6D95), PC210-6(S6D95), PC220-6(S6D95), PC230-6(S6D95), PC200-6(S6D102), PC210-6(S6D102), PC220-6(S6D102), PC230-6(S6D102), PC200-7(S6D102), PC200-7, PC18, PC50-7, PC56, PC60-1, PC60-5, PC60-6, PC60-7, PC60-6, PC70-6, PC70-8, PC60-7, PC70-7, PC100-5, PC120-5, PC100-6(S4D95), PC120-6(S4D95), PC130-6(S4D95), PC130-7(S4D95), PC100-6(4D102), PC110-7(4D102), PC120-6(4D102), and PC130-6(4D102) are just a few examples of excavator models that are compatible with Komatsu excavator slewing bearings.

We can provide alternative Swing circle for your , CAT,HITACHI, KOMATSU,KOBELCO, HYUNDAI, VOLVO, DOOSAN, DAEWOO, JCB,CASE, SUMITOMO, XCMG ,There are normal and non standard over 1000 hundreds types for you choose.

More models of excavator rotary bearings for reference
CK1122 CK20-1 CK25-1 CK30-1 CK35-1 HB205-1 HB205-1M0 HB215LC-1 MX352 MX502 PC05-6 PC05-7 PC07-1 PC07-2 PC100-3 PC100-5Z PC100-6 PC100U-3 PC10-5 PC10-6 PC10-7 PC110R-1 PC118MR-8 PC120-3 PC120-3K PC120-5 PC120-5K PC120-5Z PC120-6 PC120-6Z PC120-8 PC120LC-6 PC128US-1 PC128US-2 PC128UU-1 PC128UU-2 PC128UU-8 PC12R-8 PC12UU-1 PC130-5K PC130-6 PC130-6K PC130-7 PC130-7K PC130-8 PC138US-2 PC138US-2-AE PC138US-8 PC138USLC-2 PC138USLC-2A PC14R-2 PC14R-3 PC14R-3 HS PC150-6K PC150LC-6K PC150LGP-6K PC15-2 PC15-3 PC15FR-1 PC15MRX-1 PC15R-8 PC160-6K PC160LC-8 LGP PC160LC-LGP PC16R-2 PC16R-3 PC16R-3 HS PC180LC-6K PC180NLC-6K PC18MR-2 PC18MR-3 PC200-6 PC200-6-A PC200-6B PC200-6H-A PC200-6L PC200-6LC PC200-7 PC200-7B PC200-8 PC200CA-6 PC200CA-6-C1 PC200EL-6K PC200EN-6K PC200LC-6 PC200LC-6-A PC200LC-6H-A PC200LC-6L PC200LC-6LC PC200LC-6LE PC200LC-7 PC200LC-7B PC200LC-7L PC200LC-8 PC200LC-8E0 PC200LL-6 PC200LL-7L PC200Z-6LE PC20-3 PC20-5 PC20-6 PC20-7 PC20FR-1 PC20FR-2 PC20MR-1-K PC20MR-2 PC20MRX-1 PC20R-8 PC210-6 PC210-6K PC210-7K PC210-8K PC210LC-6 PC210LC-6K PC210LC-6L PC210LC-6LC PC210LC-6LE PC210LC-7K PC210LC-8K PC210NLC-7K PC210NLC-8K PC220-6 PC220LC-6 PC220LC-6L PC220LC-6LC PC220LC-6LE PC220LC-7 PC220LC-7L PC220LC-8 PC220LL-6 PC228US-3EO-D PC228USLC-1 PC228USLC-2 PC228USLC-3 PC228USLC-3EO-D PC228UU-1 PC230NHD-7K PC230NHD-8K PC240-6K PC240-8 PC240LC-6K PC240LC-7 PC240LC-8K PC240NLC-6K PC240NLC-7 PC240NLC-8K PC25-1 PC26MR-3 PC27MR-2 PC27MR-3 PC27MRX-1 PC27MRX-1A PC27MRX-2 PC27R-8 PC28UU-3 PC30-3 PC30-5 PC30-6 PC30-7 PC30FR-1 PC30FR-2 PC30MR-2 PC30MR-3 PC30MRX-1 PC30R-8 PC35MR-2 PC35MR-3 PC35MRX-1 PC35R-8 PC35R-8 DELUXE PC38UU-1 PC38UU-2 PC38UU-3 PC38UUM-2 PC40-3 PC40-5 PC40-6 PC40-7 PC40FR-1 PC40MR-1 PC40MR-2 PC40MRX-1 PC40R-8 PC45-1 PC45MR-3 PC45MRX-1 PC45R-8 PC45R-8 DELUXE PC50FR-1 PC50FR-2 PC50MR-2 PC50UU-1 PC50UU-2 PC50UU-2 & -2E PC50UU-2E PC55MR-3 PC58UU-3 PC58UU-5 PC60-2 PC60-3 PC60-5 PC60-6 PC60-7 PC60-7B PC60L-5 PC60U-5 PC70-6 PC70-7 PC70FR-1 PC75-1 PC75R-2 PC75R-2HD PC75UU-1 PC75UU-2 PC75UU-3 PC78MR-6 PC78US-5 PC78US-6 PC78US-8 PC78UU-6 PC80MR-3 PC88MR-10 PC88MR-6 PC88MR-8 PC95-1 PC95R-2 PC138USLC-8 PC220-7

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