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Excavator Swing Bearings slewing rings

Excavator Swing Bearing CAT307 CAT312 CAT320 CAT330 CAT345 CAT336 CAT374 CAT385 Slewing Ring

CAT Excavator Swing Bearings slewing rings

ModelPart NumberOuter DiameterInside DiameterTotal heightOuter HeightInner HeightOuter Hole ParametersInner Hole ParametersNumber of TeethName
CAT 307C240-8361810568826262293875
CAT 312CL229-1077109388372.5506234-φ1838-M1690swing bearing
CAT 311231-6853111588375606729-φ1830-M1690
CAT 312B616411111588375606729-φ1830-M1690
CAT 312CL229-1077109388372.5506234-φ1838-M1690
CAT 312C229-1077109388372.5506234-φ1838-M1690
CAT 315148-45681205961947484343098
CAT 318B148-45681205961947484343098
CAT 315C229-1080120596194748434-φ2236-M2098
CAT 319C227-60791310106510684883636/M2090
CAT 3207Y156513141084100858733-φ2236-M20110swing bearing
CAT 320B114-150513141084100858733-Ф2236-M20110
CAT 320BL177-772313141084100858733-Ф2236-M20110
CAT 320C227-608113161081105739342-φ2240-M20110
CAT 320C227-614713161081105739342-φ2240-M20110
CAT 320C171-942513161081105739342-φ2240-M20110
CAT 320D227-608213161081105739342-φ2240-M20110
CAT 320L7Y156313161084105859238-φ2236-M20110
CAT 320L7Y156313181084105869038-φ2236-M20110 slewing rings
CAT 2258K412714511038105929029-φ2436-φ24104
CAT 322C221-676414601163110889534-Ф2636-M2485
CAT 324D227-608514601164110889534-Ф2636-M2485
CAT 3257Y0745149511641109395353885swing bearing
CAT 325C227-608714951164110939538-φ264285
CAT 326353-064914621164110899534-φ2636-M2485swing bearing
CAT 329D227-608714951164110939538-Ф2642-M2485
CAT 3307Y093316641313.514010012442-φ2646-M2484
CAT 330199455916641313.514110012442-φ2646-M2484
CAT 330353-048716641313.514010012446-φ2646-M2484swing bearing
CAT 336D353-048916651313140100122424684
CAT 336DL227-608916651314140100125424684 slewing rings
CAT 336DL353-068016641313.513910012446-φ2646-M2484
CAT 336D353-049016651313140100122424684
CAT 345227-60521680131814010712654-φ2670-M2496
CAT 345B136-29691680134314010712645-Ф2660-M24136
CAT 345BII227-60941680131814010812554-Ф2670-M2496swing bearing
CAT 345BL169-5536/169-55371680134314010712545-Ф2660-M24136
CAT 345DL227-60371680131814010712554-Ф2670-M2496
CAT 349D353-049016661315140100123464684 slewing rings
CAT 35010263921680134314010712645-φ2660-M24136
CAT 365C199-456518101348180140152376098swing bearing
CAT 365C227-609618051348180138150376098
CAT 365C227-609718051348180138150376098
CAT 365CL397-966618051348180138150376098
CAT374F378-958618201348180140150376098swing bearing
CAT374367-836118201348180136150376098 slewing rings
CAT 385C199-449118201348180146150376098
CAT 385C227-609918201348180146150376098
CAT 385BL227-609818201348180138150376098
CAT 385CL227-609919501456217170180487493
CAT 390D227-609919501456217170180487493
CAT 14024366501113871967585313089
excavator swing bearing excavator swing bearing excavator swing bearing excavator swing bearing
excavator swing bearingexcavator swing bearingexcavator swing bearingexcavator swing bearing
Introduction to CAT Excavator swing bearing

CAT excavator swing bearings are critical components of the excavator's slewing system, enabling the excavator's arm and bucket to rotate smoothly and efficiently. Without a high-quality slewing bearing, the excavator's performance and productivity can suffer, leading to increased downtime and lost revenue.

At our website, we offer a wide range of swing bearings for excavators, including swing bearings, swing ring bearings, excavator slewing ring bearings, turntable bearings, excavator parts swing bearings, excavator slew bearings, and excavator slewing gears. Our CAT excavator slewing bearings are compatible with a wide range of excavator models, ensuring compatibility and optimal performance.

The excavator swing bearing is a critical component of the slewing system that connects the excavator's arm to the base. Without a high-quality swing bearing, the excavator's rotation can become stiff and inefficient, leading to increased wear and tear and reduced performance.

Our swing bearings for excavators are made with high-quality materials and advanced manufacturing processes, ensuring optimal durability, strength, and performance. Our swing bearings are compatible with various excavator models, includingCAT70B CAT120B CAT311 CAT305.5 CAT306 CAT307 CAT308 CAT312 CAT315 CAT320 CAT323 CAT324 CAT325 CAT326 CAT330 CAT336 CAT345 CAT349 CAT365 CAT374 CAT390 CAT40/45 CAT60 E70B CAT80 CAT120B E140 E160 E180 E200B E215 E219 E219D CAT225/B/D CAT229 CAT305.5 CAT306/E E307 E307B E307C/D/E CAT308B E311B E312B CAT311C CAT311D CAT312C/D CAT313C/D CAT315 E320B E320C/D E323C/D E322 E324D CAT330B CAT330C CAT336D CAT336D1 E340 CAT345B CAT345C CAT345D CAT349D CAT365.

In addition to swing bearings, we also offer a wide range of other excavator slewing bearings, including swing ring bearings, excavator slewing ring bearings, turntable bearings, excavator parts swing bearings, excavator slew bearings, and excavator slewing gears. Our high-quality slewing bearings are essential for optimal excavator performance and productivity.

We can provide alternative Excavator Swing Bearings for your , CAT,HITACHI, KOMATSU,KOBELCO, HYUNDAI, VOLVO, DOOSAN, DAEWOO, JCB,CASE, SUMITOMO, XCMG.There are normal and non standard over 1000 hundreds types for you choose.

More models of excavator rotary bearings for reference
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Exhibition of excavator swing bearing production workshop

Excavator Swing Bearings slewing rings catExcavator Swing Bearings slewing rings catExcavator Swing Bearings slewing rings cat
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