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Method for replacing the ball of the excavator turntable bearing

Method for replacing the ball of the excavator turntable

How to replace the ball of the excavator turntable bearing?

1. For the convenience of disassembly, park the excavator in an open area and lift the excavator arm.

2. Enter the driver's cab and disassemble the seat and excavator operation base one by one. After disassembly, you can see the swivel adapter.

3. Remove the upper part of the excavator and conduct a detailed inspection for broken teeth, ineffective sealing devices, and gnawing teeth. In order to prevent damage to the motor assembly, if abnormal noise or inability to rotate 360 ° smoothly is found during the operation of the excavator, the machine must be stopped for inspection.

4. Remove the fixing bolts on the inner ring of the slewing bearing one by one, and then move the slewing bearing away.

5. Use gasoline to clean the slewing bearing fixture and oil stains of the excavator, as well as remove surface iron pins

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