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Replacement method and precautions for excavator swing bearing

Disassembly method of excavator swing bearing

Swing bearings are widely used in many large construction machinery and equipment, such as the commonly used excavator. Due to the high workload and complex working environment of excavators, bearing damage is inevitable after prolonged operation. The damage of the swing bearing generally manifests as abnormal noise, increased clearance, oil leakage at the sealing device, etc. If it is confirmed that the bearing is damaged after investigation, it needs to be replaced in a timely manner.

Replacement method of excavator swing bearing

1. Disassembly method of old swing ring

Connect the outer and inner races of the slewing bearing to the upper and lower carriages respectively, remove all oil pipes from the slewing motor, and seal the head of the oil pipes with a clean plastic bag. Lift the upper vehicle with a crane, loosen and remove the outer ring bolts of the swing bearing, and separate the upper and lower vehicles.

2. Assembly method of swing bearing

Clean the inner and outer races (including raceways), isolation sleeves, steel balls, and bolt holes of the slewing bearing, and place the outer race on the inner race so that the raceways of the inner and outer races are in the same plane; Place the steel ball and isolation sleeve into the raceway through the radial hole, fill them in sequence, plug the plug, and firmly install the cone pin; When assembling the sealing device, pay attention to applying sealant to the part in contact with the sealing groove, and rotate the rotary bearing to ensure flexible operation; Add butter to fill the raceway with butter, and the oil pool of the swing pinion and swing bearing ring gear also needs to be filled with butter.

3. Installation method of slewing bearing

Use a crane to lift the excavator onto the vehicle, align the lower edge of the slewing platform with the outer race of the slewing support, and use tools such as round steel to align and position the upper and lower vehicles; Assemble the bolts, install them symmetrically in a triangular shape, and apply anti loosening adhesive to the threads; At the beginning, the bolts cannot be tightened. After all bolts are installed, use a torque wrench to tighten the bolts one by one; After installation, start the machine and perform various actions such as rotation to check for any abnormalities.

Precautions for replacing excavator swing bearings

1. Choose a suitable site: When replacing the swing bearing, choose a site with large space and flat ground to facilitate the separation and lifting of the upper and lower parts.

2. Prudent lifting: Whether removing or installing bearings, the lifting wire rope needs to be hung properly to ensure safe lifting operations.

3. Tighten the screws and lubricate them in place: When replacing the slewing bearing, the screws should also be replaced to prevent potential damage, and the replaced screws should be tightened; Apply sufficient lubricating oil to reduce internal friction of the bearing.

The above is our summary of replacement methods and precautions for excavator swing bearings, hoping to be helpful to you. During daily maintenance and upkeep of excavators, it is important to focus on checking the operation of the slewing bearing and promptly handle any abnormalities found. This can extend the service life of the bearings and save you operating costs. If you have any other questions or needs, please feel free to contact us at any time!

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