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How often does it take to add butter to the excavator turntable

1、 The butter filling cycle of the excavator turntable

The butter filling cycle of the excavator turntable depends on various factors, such as the duration of regular work, the impact of the working environment, and the use of the excavator. Generally speaking, the filling cycle for turntable butter is between 300 and 500 working hours.

Excavators that frequently work need to be filled with butter more frequently to ensure the stability and reliability of the turntable during high-intensity work, and the potential work risks are correspondingly reduced.

2、 Factors affecting the butter filling cycle of excavator turntable

1. Working time: The longer the working time of the excavator, the higher the frequency of using butter, and the corresponding reduction in the filling cycle.

2. Working environment: The working environment used by excavators can have a direct impact on the butter filling cycle, such as dust and mud on the construction site, which can directly interfere with the operation of the machine and shorten the butter filling cycle.

3. Usage: The usage of excavators, including working conditions and operating techniques, can affect their butter filling cycle. Therefore, it is important to understand the usage of excavators before using them in order to better protect the machine and extend its lifespan.

3、 Precautions

1. Regularly checking the amount of butter: It is necessary to regularly check the amount of butter in the excavator, and promptly detect insufficient butter consumption or clean the machine to ensure the safe and stable operation of the excavator.

2. Use the correct butter: In order to ensure the operation of the excavator's turntable, butter that meets the specifications should be used, and do not replace or mix butter arbitrarily.

3. Pay attention to safety when adding butter: When adding butter, it is necessary to pay attention to safety and avoid butter splashing or loss. At the same time, the amount of butter added should also meet the standards specified by the machine manufacturer.

In summary, it is necessary to understand the butter filling cycle and influencing factors of the excavator turntable. By following measures such as regularly checking the amount of butter, using appropriate standards of butter, and paying attention to safety, the excavator can have a longer lifespan and more stable performance.

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