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The oil seal of the excavator swing bearing may leak lubricating oil

excavator swing bearing

Some drivers often encounter lubricating oil leakage from the oil seal of the excavator swing bearing, and the leaked oil and butter become thinner together, making it difficult to distinguish the type! How to determine what oil is leaking out?

The first step is to check whether the oil level of the gear oil of the rotary tooth box is lower or damp. If the oil level of the gear oil drops or basically does not exist, it can be directly determined that the oil seal of the grinding plate under the rotary tooth box is damaged.

excavator swing bearing

Troubleshooting: Check if there is any damage to the reduction gearbox gear. If the reduction gear is normal, also check if the clearance between the upper and lower bearings of the rotary shaft or the bearing seat is too large. If there is a problem, replace the bearing or repair the bearing seat shell! Check if the contact surface between the oil seal and the vertical shaft is severely worn. If necessary, cut the oil seal lip spring appropriately to increase the tightness of the oil seal or change the position of the oil seal lip!

If the oil level in the rotary gearbox increases significantly, it can be concluded that the oil seal of the rotary motor skeleton is damaged, because the hydraulic oil in the motor is transmitted through pressure to the gearbox to the lower gearbox. If the pressure is too high, the grinding disc oil seal must be replaced at the same time as the motor skeleton! When disassembling the motor, carefully check whether the clearance between the bearings on the motor shaft cover is too large, which may cause centrifugal rotation during motor shaft rotation and damage the oil seal!

Excavator Swing bearing

If the oil level inside the rotary gearbox is normal, it can be determined that the oil seal of the rotary center joint is damaged! The most obvious symptom is insufficient power when walking on one or both sides!

Troubleshooting: Replace the oil seal inside, and also check if the contact surface of the first oil seal on the shaft rod is worn! If the wear is severe, it must be repaired. If it is not repaired, even if a new oil seal is replaced, it will be in vain. It will not be long before it leaks! Because the cost of replacing the shaft rod is too high (tycoons can choose it at will), they usually choose to repair it. They can remove the sleeve or repair welding and then go to bed for polishing to use normally.

excavator slewing rings

the sealing ring of excavator swing bearing is damaged

If the above three causes are ruled out, there is another possibility that the sealing ring of excavator swing bearing is damaged! What leaked out was only butter, which was easy to distinguish due to its high viscosity.

The oil seal of the excavator swing bearing may leak lubricating oil

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The service life of excavator swing bearing

Some friends may think that leaking some butter is not a big deal, so they don't take it seriously! But let me tell you here that this oil seal not only serves as a sealing oil, but also serves as a dust proof device! Because the working environment of excavators is mostly in sand and gravel fields, it is inevitable that debris will mix inside the bearings, causing early wear of excavator swing bearings and directly affecting the service life of excavator swing bearing! Although replacement is quite troublesome, it is recommended to replace it in a timely manner for the sake of your car.

Disassembly method of excavator swing bearing

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