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Disassembly method of excavator swing bearing

Disassembly method of excavator swing bearing

Excavator swing bearings are the most widely used accessories in machinery and are indispensable in the entire set of equipment. They are widely used in various industries such as entertainment facilities, ports and docks, and heavy machinery. However, when disassembling and installing slewing bearings, it is necessary to follow the disassembly rules, otherwise they are easily damaged; Bringing irreparable losses to users, the following editor will introduce the basic rules for disassembly and assembly of slewing bearings. The slewing bearing is closely connected to the equipment and tooling, so during disassembly and installation, the bearing and shaft can be removed from the support together, and then removed from the slewing bearing using a press and disassembly tools. The specific disassembly process can refer to the following points:

Disassembly method of excavator swing bearing

Disassembly method of excavator swing bearing
  • 1. Disassembly of the outer ring of the swing bearing: Fix several outer ring extrusion screws around the outer ring, set them, and use equal force to screw down the screws before disassembly. These screw holes generally have blind plugs, tapered roller bearings, and other separated bearings. Several notches are set on the outer wall of the rotary bearing, nylon isolation blocks are used, and a press is used to remove them. During the disassembly process, gently tap to avoid damaging the rotary bearing.
  • 2. Disassembly method for through-hole excavator swing bearings: Use a press to directly pull out the bearing. During operation, pay attention to the force on the inner ring. For larger diameter rotary bearings, use oil pressure disassembly method. The oil nozzle set on the rotary bearing applies oil pressure to make it easier to pull out the bearing; The combination of the drawing method of rotary bearings with larger inner and outer diameters and the oil pressure method results in better disassembly effect. The disassembly of the inner ring of the roller type slewing bearing can be carried out using the heating expansion method, which allows for local heating in a short period of time. After the inner ring of the slewing bearing is thermally expanded, it can be pulled out for disassembly.
  • 3. Disassembly method for threaded hole type excavator swing bearings: Disassemble the small threaded slewing bearing, support the inner ring of the slewing bearing with a stopper, tighten the nut back several times, and then use a plastic hammer to knock it off. For larger slewing bearings, it is recommended to use the oil pressure method. The oil is pressurized and transported through the threaded hole slewing bearing oil hole, and the inner ring expands before disassembly. Attention, there is a risk of the swing bearing coming out during operation. It is recommended to use the nut as a stopper to avoid accidents.
  • 4. Knocking disassembly method: Knocking disassembly is the simplest method for dismantling swing bearings, which uses the lateral knocking force of a plastic hammer to cause displacement and detachment of the rotary bearings. In actual disassembly processes, this method is mostly used for disassembly. The preparation work before disassembly is to add lubricating grease to the connection of the swing bearing and directly use a plastic hammer to dismantle it.
  • The normal disassembly methods are the above four. After disassembly, the disassembled parts need to be stored uniformly to prevent loss and inability to be reinstalled.
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